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Indignation and Goals REAL DEMOCRACY NOW

We have come together for the first time, today June 5th 2011 on Alexanderplatz, in the context of the Europe-wide call for real democracy. We come from the most diverse nationalities, age-groups and walks of life.

We are indignant:
  • about the ignorant media coverage of social movements worldwide.
  • about the defective state of democracy
  • about dismantling of the welfare state.
  • that our voices are not heard in politics.
  • that human rights are being violated.
  • about the European stability agreements.
  • about the doomed attempts to revive an unjust rotten economic system.
  • about the non-transparency of political processes.
  • about the European politics of exclusion conducted by Frontex and through deportations.

Our goal is therefore to carry the protests from North Africa by way of Southern Europe to Germany, particularly to Berlin.
We declare our solidarity with the international social movements which empower themselves for universal human rights, social justice, environmental protection and peace.
In the sense of the above, we call you to join us on the streets everywhere and any time. It is our right!
Group Describtion in english
okay, here we are. Because the revolution in autumn will probably not be over thenwe are called you here welcome.

We chose this name to reconnect with the biggest stars of this movement directly.

The global movement as an umbrella term: "Real Democracy NOW!" In any language.
"acampada" (camping), has coined as a term of the Spanish movement. The peoplewho have gone on the road in Spain, have occupied the seats are durable and are a huge role model. They have shown us what is possible when you finally tried the impossible.
They were at the beginning perhaps 10 or 20 people who have gone over again andmore often to places to talk to the people who run them on the way there.

They have begun to draw attention to themselves, with the simplest of means. Theyhave hung everywhere paper on them were so simple things, like:
"I want to be free."
"I want to have not scared me more"
"I want to help"
"I think I can make a difference"
"I can not do nothing!"

Every day, they reached more people and so always happened on something big.People began to listen to them too.
The people who walked by, felt themselves affected.
They felt that they are not alone with their anger, sadness and fear that they hidethemselves forever. Nobody wants anybody to be a burden and we must alwaysremember that we are still doing quite well compared to other people.

Hell no! We do not have to!
It makes us sick and it makes us docile.
We just work and if we do not work, we are bad and not adaptable and aresystematically shielded.

This has for decades worked out so wonderfully.
Progress, growth, everything that has separated us and we believed that the few true"experts" would have to decide right for us.

And here we want to have forgotten that humanity does not mean, to be the strongest, richest, best, smartest who have the best plan in your pocket.

All these people who then taken more and more on Spain's streets and squares,because there they were not alone, because they were captured there were the same,whoever and into the late night hours there just talking, did not want to go home.
And so they simply decided to stay.
They brought tents and built a real small town, which was a great in every way.
The only difference was that this city somehow felt other. It worked without beingexpensive. It worked without poverty.
Everyone is equal. They meet on equal terms. And when all voices are heard addsthis confusing puzzle together all at once of its own.

And something unexpected happened:

It is suddenly no longer just a battle.
Here comes the fun and love into the things that you no longer wish to withdraw.

No matter where you are, come with us out on the street.

The Internet remains a virtual place. A nice neighbor to us helps us to find. But the true sense of the revolution you will experience all just down the street. It is ourearnest. All of our strength, love, confusion, all our fears, all our thoughts .... all this and much more we understand since we are out there with you.

Everything comes together on its own. Each of us contributes something. And if it's just a good idea.
Each of you can do something particularly well and the rest is learned entirely byhimself or has someone else again who can.

Every day out there will change you.

In this sense: you TOMA LA CALLE-Take the streets! Outraged you! It is your right.

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